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Special programs

Guided tours - Special programs Guided tours - Special programs Guided tours - Special programs

School day program:

  • Visit to MATER Ecoactive Museum Boat
  • Guided tour "in boat by the bay"
  • Activities of 1 hour and 30 minutes of duration to choose among these options:
    • Maritime workshop
    • Environmental itinerary
    • 2 guided tours

Price: 12,00€/student
Minimum group: 15 students.

Complete day. Look at the sea:

  • The day starts with an itinerary by the fishing port. There, you could recognise inshore or high seas fishing boats and those different techniques, and you also would visit the fish market of Pasaia and the Fisherman Guild.
  • The visit continuous in the floating museum MATER Ecoactive Museum Boat, a traditional Basque tuna fishing boat (There is available an optional aperitif)
  • After, there is a guided tour in Old Town of Pasai San Pedro, where you could know the traditional sport of rowing, visiting the Rowing Club SANPEDROTARRAK. You could practice this sport in the training tank.
  • A sailor lunch in a restaurant of Pasai Donibane with views to sea.
  • Guided tour by the Old Town of Pasai Donibane and museum of VICTOR HUGO.
  • Guided tour in boat by the bay and the nearby cliffs.
  • Visit to Ondartxo, Centre of the Maritime Culture (optional)

Duration: all day
Price: 40,00€/person
Minimum group: 10 persons


MATER Ecoactive Museum Boat offers to enterprises, incentive trips and also continuing formation courses.

Sailor Night:

Enjoy a unique experience boarding as a crew in MATER Ecoactive Museum Boat. You would live like a real sailor for a few days, sleeping and having lunch and diner on board. All of this within a complete program with guided itineraries, cruises on boat and practical workshops..

Duration: 1-3 days
Price: made to mesure
Group: 10-25 persons

Ask for a budget.


MATER Ecoactive Museum Boat
61 postakutxa
20110 Pasaia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel.: (00 34) 619 814 225