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Lur Garden

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LUR Garden is the garden of almost 20,000 m² that the landscape design studio LUR Paisajistak has created next to its new facilities in Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa).

On an alluvial terrace formed by the watercourse that runs around the entire perimeter of the garden, sixteen different themed spaces have been created to investigate the aesthetic contributions of the extensive Plant Kingdom.

The geometry of an egg, both in plan and in elevation, as in the pruning of the yew trees, is what has directed the entire layout of the garden. The sinuosity of these ovoid shapes is enhanced by the use of more than 1,800 beech trees in the hedges that contain the various themed gardens.

This is the sixth year since the creation of the garden began and it is now, when LUR Garden opens its doors to visitors, that the plantations have reached maturity, allowing visitors to enjoy the different aesthetic plant trials that have been carried out.


Lur Garden
Sarobe erreka bidea 36B
20180 Oiartzun

Tel./Fax: (00 34) 943 492 938/ Whatsapp: (00 34) 695 797 719


Interesting information

Timetable:  Consult timetable web.
Periode: From april to october.
Types of visits:

  • Free visit: 15 €. 8-16 years old: 8 €. Less than 8 free.
  • Guided tour (entrance+visit): 35 €. 8-18 years old: 8 €. Free less than 8 years old.

Remark: option of seasonal bonus, exclusive visits and space rental.