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Old Moorings Trail


Currently, the port of Pasaia is a modern infrastructure equipped with docks and industrial facilities. However, it is also a port with an important historical heritage. Part of this heritage tells us many stories about the port's activity in the old times: the moorings of Pasaia.

Ports are linked to the dawn of navigation; for millennia, the inhabitants of the coast have searched for protected inlets to keep their boats, often mooring them to rocks or trees. The first attempt to improve these natural harbours consisted in improving or creating mooring points for the boats.

Over time, the moorings became stronger and more reliable. It was not until the twentieth century that large-scale dredging and the construction of piers, embankments and docks were undertaken. 




  • By using this leaflet. It's free and can be obtained at the Tourist Office of Pasaia or here in pdf
  • Via an Augmented Reality app, using your Android smartphone.

Mapa amarren ibilbidea

The route covers seven points divided between Pasai Donibane and Pasai San Pedro. At each point you will find a metal plaque; the corresponding mooring is very close by.

The contents will appear when you focus on the plaque with your smartphone.

It doesn't matter at what point you start the route; by visiting them all, we can discover interesting features otherwise difficult to find. At the end of the route we will be able to identify and interpret more historical traces present in the area.

We will surely be able to see Pasaia through di_erent eyes ...