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Zubiaurre Baroque Mansion

Zubiaurre mansion, dating from the 17th Century and Baroque in style, is the building that closed off one end of the town where it moreover protected one of the town gates.

The mansion has a rectangular ground plan and three-sided roof forming a pediment on the right-hand side. It has a ground floor and two stories, sandstone ashlar bonding on the main and rear facades and on the noble elements on the left-hand side. The principal facade has three openings per floor, all in rows. The floors are separated by flat roofs. The facade is topped with a moulded cornice and wooden eaves with carved corbels and gargoyles at either end. The ground floor has a centred, linteled, studded entrance door flanked by secondary entranceways and a window. A stretch of wall runs perpendicular to the facade on the left-hand side.

On the first floor there is a projecting balcony overshooting the perpendicular stretch of wall. A well-preserved coat of arms can be seen in the centre above the balcony. The rear facade gains a floor due to the difference in ground level and has three rows of windows. A flat roof separates the ground and first floors and another runs along the top of the facade with its carved corbel eaves. The ground floor has a large linteled doorway flanked by windows, over which there are little oblong openings for ventilation purposes. The first floor has windows, and the second and third a projecting balcony resting on large brackets, flanked by windows. The openings on the left-hand side, the least interesting facade, are set out in four not very regular rows.

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