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Cultural agenda

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6 January
The three wise men's Cross

25 April
San Marko day

Last weekend of April
Cider's day

Short film contest Villa de Errenteria

Rioja's day

Third week of May

Musikaste-A Musical week dedicated to Basque classical music composers

Mid July
Erromeria' day (Traditional Basque music and dances)

Third weekend of July
Prehistoric bow and propelling shot contest
22 July
Magdalena Festivities
Mid September
Atlantikaldia, the meeting Festival of cultures and music
Mid October
Rural fair
21 December
Santo Tomás fair
At the end of December
Provincial contest of Christmas carols
31 December
San Silvestre Cross

Errenteria, Lezo, Oiartzun, Pasaia cultural agenda    Errenteria, Lezo, Oiartzun, Pasaia cultural agenda


Trapujale. It is a character created during a period of famine, a mixture of a man, a horse and a bull clad in rags

At the End of March
Lesoinu: A mixture of pedagogic days

May - June
'Mendekosteak' Festivities
Cider day

23 June
Bonfire night

Traditional Basque dances day

14 Septembre
'Santakrutz' festivities

Christmas time
Basque book and CD fair


Errenteria, Lezo, Oiartzun, Pasaia cultural agenda    Errenteria, Lezo, Oiartzun, Pasaia cultural agenda


'The coming of the Intxisus', Basque mythological characters, is celebrated the last Friday before carnivals

The last Saturday of May
Cider day

First week of June
Bertso week, traditional Basque poem compositions

3 August
'Xanisteban' festivities

28 August
San Agustín day

Popular music days

21 December
Basque book and CD fair


oiartzun   oiartzun


Beginning of January- end of December
Exhibition "12 cm"

Easter holidays
Procession of the Christ of the Holy Burial. It takes place the night of Good Friday, illuminating the street of Pasai Donibane with candles

Music days
Antxoberfest, Beer Fair

9-12 May (2024)
Pasaia Itsas Festibala - Pasaia Maritime Festibal (+info)

First weekend of June
Cider day

29 June
'San Pedro' festivities in Pasai San Pedro


7 July
'San Fermin'. Pasai Antxo
16 July
'Carmen festivities'. Trintxerpe
25 to 31 July
'Santiago' festivities. Regattas for the flag of Pasaia. Pasai Donibane
27 July
San Pantaleón day. Popular sardine eating
Third week of October
"Ikuska", Exhibition of short films
Second and third weekends of October
Comedy theatre plays
Championship of Gipuzkoa Aurresku (type of traditional Basque dance)
Championship of "Soinu zahar" (Basque dances)

pasaia   pasaia