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Romanesque and Gothic Doorways of cemetery

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The cemetery in Pasai San Pedro contains the oldest remains of this part of the municipality. We can therefore observe the outside walls of the original church, dependent on the office of the archpriest in Donostia-San Sebastián, built between 1450-1460 and destroyed in the first half of the 18th Century.

Standing on a little hill, the only part still standing is a blocked Romanesque doorway with four archivolts. The arches stand on groups of columns with imposts in the shape of capitals. In addition to the former, a Gothic entranceway serves as access to the cemetery; this entrance with its ogee arch has three archivolts. On the keystones of the two interior arches there were once details in relief, although one of these has now disappeared. This door stands in the somewhat irregular sandstone ashlar wall.

Outstanding inside this building is a chapel dedicated to the politician Joaquín María de Ferrer, a monument erected by his descendents in 1865.

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