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Luberri, Geological Museum of the Basque Country

Luberri, Geological Museum of Euskadi Luberri, Geological Museum of Euskadi

The museum has two rooms dedicated to different topics:

  • The Geological History of the Basque Country, which houses a display of the most representative fossils in the Basque Country and full information about the animals and plants that have lived here for the last 600 million years. Moreover, we will discover the strata concealed in rocks, minerals and fossils. In fact, we will have a close look at the origins and evolution of life as well as at the formation process of the physical space where we live.
  • Geology of the Oiartzun Valley, the Aiako Harria Nature Park and the Oarsoaldea Region. Information panels will take us through highly interesting episodes such as the formation of the Aiako Harria batholite, the only granitic structure existing in the Basque Country. We will meet the most ancient inhabitants of Gipuzkoa and observe representative fossils of each of the geological eras present in the Region.

The Centre has a laboratory where small experiments can be carried out. This is equipped with a library containing studies, publications and audiovisual and educational material.



  • Oiartzun, Luberri-Geological Museum of Euskadi
  • Oiartzun, Luberri-Geological Museum of Euskadi
  • Oiartzun, Luberri-Geological Museum of Euskadi
  • Oiartzun, Luberri-Geological Museum of Euskadi


Pagoaldea pol. 41-42 (Ergoien)
20180 Oiartzun


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Luberri-Oiartzun Geological Interpretation Centre
Pagoaldea pol., 41-42
Ergoien auzoa
20180 Oiartzun

Tel.: (00 34) 943 260 593 / 594


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Opening times:

Tuesday-Friday: 09:30–14:00/ 16:00-19:00
Saturday: 10:00-14:00/16:00-18:00
Monday and Sunday and festivities closed. (24th and 31st december will close at 13:00pm)


Entrance: € 3 per person.
10 % discount with SS-Card.



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