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Nature Pasaia  Nature Oiartzun

Our area oozes nature from all of its four corners, Mount Ulia, Jaizkibel, San Marcos and the Natural Park of Aiako Harria.

All of them can be easily accessed and they offer routes and hikes for the most experienced and advanced hikers as well as for those who simply love nature.

The crossing or trekking of Mount Ulia, through the cliffs which stop the sea, will bring us to Donostia-San Sebastian. In Jaizkibel we will follow the fortified towers, which in the past warned about invasions and threats, to get to the nearby Hondarribia. The vast forests forming the Natural Park of Aiako Harria will help us forget about the urbane society we have left behind. It is possible to accede to this Natural Park in an pleasant route by bicycle through the Green Way of Arditurri. San Marcos brings us into direct contact with the fresh air of the Lau Haizeta Park and its 44 km of hill-walking trails.

Our area gives off the smell of oaks and beeches populating the forests which dominate the region. Welcoming and wild, the towns of Errenteria, Lezo, Oiartzun and Pasaia invite us to come in and recover our senses.


Approved tours

Nature Approved tours

This region offers an ideal network of routes to hike: Short distance paths, Long distance paths and Local paths. They are all approved and signposted.

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 The Talaia (watchtower) Route

Nature The Talaia (watchtower) Route

The Coastal route of Jaizkibel, also called the Route of the Cliffs, is partly formed by the GR-121-Talaia, which crosses Mount Jaizkibel and Mount Ulia to arrive in the nearby maritime towns of Donostia-San Sebastian (crossing Mount Ulia) and Hondarribia (Crossing Mount Jaizkibel).

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Green way of Arditurri

Nature Green way of Arditurri

This is a path for pedestrians and bicycles which crosses the Oiartzun Valley and it is the perfect place for relaxing. In the past, this way was the railway that allowed carrying minerals from the Mines of Arditurri to the Port of Pasaia.

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Prehistoric Tours


Our region is a beautiful area located in a privileged natural setting and full of contrasts. The 6 routes described below explore the natural surroundings of Errenteria and Oiartzun.

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The Path of the smugglers of Bidasoa

Nature The Path of the smugglers of Bidasoa

It is a circular route between the Cantabrian Sea and the border mountains of BIDASOA. It goes through forests and beautiful villages and connects various milestones of the 20th century smuggling.

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The St James' Way

Nature The St James' Way

The St James' Way in the Basque Country consists of two itineraries: The inland route and the Coastal route. Both of them pass through our area, that is the natural point to get to Donostia-San Sebastian running along the coast as well as the point to go to Vitoria-Gasteiz through inland villages, following the current 1st National highway.

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Mountain trails in Lezo


These three routes marked and signposted in Lezo, have different distances and difficulties, and have been drawn in a radial and circular way. The offer to the hiker nature and elements of great historical and cultural value.

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Ulia route


This route offers about 8 km of spectacular landscapes, and it is part of Talaia route, between Bidart and San Sebastián. Here you can see huge vertical walls dominating the landscape of Pasaia, from the lighthouse of La Plata to the bucolic and wooded viewpoint over the sea.

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