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The inland route

Starting our journey in the International Bridge of Santiago in Irun and following the road GI-3452 we get to a crossing in the km 7,5. We continue straight and begin the descent, which after another short climbing brings us to the GI-2134 in the km 8,5 close to the Hotel Gurutze Berri, in the neighbourhood of Gurutze in Oiartzun.

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St James´ Way The inland route   St James´ Way The inland route

We follow this road for about a kilometre until we get to a paved path to our right, which leads us to the historic centre of Oiartzun by climbing a little bit at first and descending for 500 metres then along the steep San Juan street. While descending we can observe to the left the image of our Lady of Lourdes. We cross the GI-2134 and arrive at the Square of San Esteban, where the town hall of Oiartzun is located.

We leave behind the historic centre of Oiartzun and pass by the ancient washing place. Some metres ahead we find a local path – the Green way of Arditurri (lane for pedestrians and cyclists)- and we cross the road to Artikutza to get to the Iturriotz neighbourhood. We climb the Ozentzio Street and just after having passed by a farm with ducks and pheasants we find a path which descends and leads us to a stream. At this point we cross the bridge.

We climb a narrow and stony route which afterwards descends to a lane. After some ups and downs we reach the top, from where we descend to a cattle farm, first along a grassy path and then through a wooded area. Rapidly we get to a road that we need to cross. Afterwards, we cross a fence and climb quite a steep path which ends with another fence. After having crossed this one too, we continue climbing along a paved route passing by the rural tourism Añarre Zarra until we get to a path which goes through a forest of oaks and beeches for a kilometre. Close to a high voltage tower, a path (very slippery when it rains) descends steeply towards a stream.

From here to the hermitage of Santiagomendi the route is always ascending. When we arrive in the picnic area Frantxilla Berri, close to the road which leads to Landarbaso, we turn right to take the first path going left. The hostel Belabaratz in the neighbourhood Zamalbide in Errenteria is 2km far from this point.

We continue alternating road and paths of grass and soil until we get to a fountain of drinkable water, close to the chapel of Santiagomendi. We have arrived in Astigarraga.