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Visiting Fish Market on a guided tour in Pasaia

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The Basques have always had a close relationship with the sea and fishing. Despite the decrease in the inshore fleet in the Basque Country, there are still professional inshore boats in the ports of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

In the Pasaia fish market, fish is sold by auction. Although there have been technological advances, the operation of the auction is basically the same as in the last century. During the visit, you will know the path of the fish from when the arrantzales unload it in the port until it reaches the fishmonger.

We will see the fish auction and in addition, the guide will explain the different fishing gear used in the area and how the Fishermen's Guilds work. Finally, we will enjoy breakfast next to the fish market.



Pasaia fish market
Ámbito portuario, 7
20110 Pasaia


Kofradia-Itsas Etxea
Tel.: (00 34) 943 050 764

Practical information:

Hour of the visit:  5h50 am
Duration: 1h30
Price: €13 (guided visit + breakfast)
Languages ​​of the visite: basque, spanish.
From 16 years old.
The guided tour takes place one Thursday a month. Check other options. Information and reservations: