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Underground Euskadi: Arditurri

We suggest you discover the origins of the Basque Country through its most popular caves, both those with a natural origin and those dug by men for the exploitation of minerals.

Underground Euskadi: Arditurri   Underground Euskadi: Arditurri

The adventure starts in the Mines of Arditurri. Getting into these mines is an unforgettable experience. The engineer Juan Guillermo Thalacker wrote in 1803: 'Four hundred men working for two hundred years would not have been enough to dig all these galleries'. This sentence allows us to imagine the magnitude and uniqueness of the mining land of Arditurri. Moreover, the light and sound combinations introduced in the tunnels reinforce the magical atmosphere of the tour.



Arditurri Meatze Gunea

20180 Oiartzun

Tel.: (00 34) 943 494 521


Useful information

Duration: It depends on the visit (between 1h-4h30. There are also plans of half a day, one day or two days with accommodation).
Price: It depends on the visit.
Minimum group: It depends on the visit.
Maximum group: It depends on the visit.
Languages: Basque and Spanish. French and English upon request.
When: From Tuesday to Sunday during the whole year.
Remarks: Suitable for all ages.