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By train




The EUSKOTREN narrow line railway network, also popularly known as "topo", crosses the municipalities of Pasaia, Errenteria and Oiartzun on the line that connects Lasarte-Oria with Hendaia (line E2), passing through Donostia-San Sebastián.

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 Euskotren stations with a train stop in Oarsoaldea:

Pasaia (Pasai Antxo), Galtzaraborda (Errenteria), Fanderia (Errenteria), Errenteria (center), Oiartzun, Gaintxurizketa-Lezo.

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Regarding Renfe, it connects the municipalities of Lezo, Errenteria and Pasaia through the C1 Irun-Brinkola commuter service :

Railway stations: Pasaia (Pasai Antxo), Lezo-Errenteria.

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By bus

There is a wide range of bus lines to reach Oarsoaldea. The company Ekialdebus connects the regions of Donostia-San Sebastián, Bidasoaldea and Oarsoaldea.

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  • Daytime lines that pass through the region:

E01 P. Donibane-Errenteria-Donostia

E02 Oiartzun-Errenteria-P. Antxo-Donostia

E03 P. Donibane-Lezo-Errenteria-Donostia

E04 Oiartzun-Errenteria-Capuchinos-Donostia

E05 Beraun-Aralar Plaza-P. Antxo-Donostia

E06 Errenteria-P. Antxo-Altza-Garbera-Donostia

E07 P. San Pedro-P. Antxo-Donostia

E08 P. San Pedro-Trintxerpe alto-Donostia

E09 P. San Pedro-Donostia

E15 Errenteria-Donostia

E20 Hondarribia-Errenteria-P. Antxo-Donostia

E26 Irun-Errenteria-P. Antxo-Donostia

E27 Hondarribia-Irun-Errenteria-P. Antxo-Donostia

  • Night lines:

E71 Donibane-Lezo-Errenteria-P. Antxo-Donostia

E72 Oiartzun-Errenteria-P. Antxo-Donostia

E75 Beraun-Aralar plaza-P. Antxo-Donostia

E77 Hondarribia-Irún-Errenteria-P. Antxo-Donostia

E79 P. San Pedro-Donostia

By plane

5 kilometers to the east of Oarsoaldea we find the San Sebastian Airport, in the municipality of Hondarribia. Also in the East, 40 kilometers away, is the airport of Biarritz-Baiona-Anglet. Towards the West we find the Bilbao Airport, 108 km away from our region.

Come by bus from San Sebastian Airport with lines E20 or E27.

By taxi



Radio Taxi Viteri
Tel.:943 340 342

Gipuzkoa Taxi 
Tel.: 943 400 500


Taxi stop
Tel.: 943 491 474

Taxi bus 
Tel: 679 041 144


Radio Taxi Jaizkibel 
Tel.: 943391414

Gipuzkoa Taxi
Tel.: 943 400 500

Talur Luxury Cars – Taxi and customized services
Tel.: 943 102 737

By bike

The large network of bicycle paths in Gipuzkoa, crosses our region.

Consult the current network of bicycle paths    Route from Donostia to Irún


By boat

In Pasaia, a regular service communicates the quays of Pasai San Pedro and Pasai Donibane with its characteristic green motorboat.

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