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Oiartzun, at a glance

Plaza Doneztebe Oiartzun Via Verde en Oiartzun

The old part of Oiartzun is particularly remarkable for its age and historical value; here, among others, we will find the Pilgrim's Hospital, the Parish Church of San Esteban de Lartaun, housing a 17th Century altarpiece by Maestro Juan de Huici, classified as Cultural Heritage and Monument by the Basque Government, and the Town Hall, a sober building dating from 1678 differing from other town halls in Gipuzkoa from the same period in that it is not Plateresque in style.

In Oiartzun you can also enjoy a traditional and innovating meal or purchase homemade produce at the local farmhouses.

There are lots of cultural things to see in the area, such as the Soinuenea-Traditional Music Centre, Luberri-Geology Interpretation Centre and Arditurri Mine Land.

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Manuel Lekuona Library - Pilgrims' Hospital San Juan Bautista Basilica

Manuel Lekuona Library - Pilgrims' Hospital San Juan Bautista Basilica in Oiartzun

This is a free-standing 16th -Century Renaissance construction consisting of two separate parts, the Chapel and the Hospital, joined together under the same roof.


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San Esteban de Lartaun Church

San Esteban de Lartaun Church in Oiartzun

This building, perhaps a Visigoth chapel in the Middle Ages, later became a Romanesque construction today no longer bearing traces of that epoch. It subsequently became an early Gothic construction, of which the occasional feature is still visible.

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Town Hall of Oiartzun

Town Hall of Oiartzun

Built in 1678, this is an austere Baroque masonry construction with a square ground plan and gable roof.


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Soinuenea – Center of the Popular Music

Soinuenea – Center of the Popular Music in Oiartzun

Folk music Exhibition and Document Centre, with collection of musical instruments, library, music library, workshop and multipurpose hall.


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Arditurri, Roman mining site

Arditurri, Roman mining site in Oiartzun

This mining galleries that have been worked since 2000 years are placed in the incomparable frame of the Aiako Harria Nature Park. Going deep its mining galleries and visiting its Interpretation Centre is a perfect combination with a walk by this natural environment


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Luberri, Geological museum of Euskadi

Luberri, Geological museum of Euskadi in Oiartzun

Oiartzun Geological Interpretation Centre, which contains two theme rooms: Geological History of the Basque Country and Geology of the Oiartzun Valley.


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Green Way of Arditurri

Green Way of Arditurri in Oiartzun

It is a pedestrian path and cycle track which crosses the Valley of Oiartzun, ideal for the escape. This way is the old way which used the mining train to carry the material which was extracted from the mines of Arditurri to the Port of Pasaia.

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Arizmendienea House Museum

Arizmendienea 01 moztuta

This house, built in 1759, is a clear example of the lifestyle of the upper class in Gipuzkoa in the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries.

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