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Maritime activities in Pasaia Bay




The picturesque architecture of the Bay of Pasaia , the spectacular port entrance and the gastronomy, among others, are well known. Walks through the both historic city centers and the boat trips are essential for those who visit us. However, there are other different and very original ways to get to know this special bay: FROM THE SEA.


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Family activities organized by the Ecoactive Museum Boat, Mater: trips to the cliffs of Jaizkibel, the Valley of Colors, anchovy canning, garbage fishing and cleaning of Alabortza cove in Pasai Donibane are some of Mater's summer activities, as well as regular guided tours of the eco-museum. This traditional wooden tuna boat not only reveals its history and environment, but also shows how important it is to take care of the sea.



Mater Ecoactive Museum Boat
Calle Arraunlari, s/n
20110 Pasaia (Gipuzkoa)Tel.: (00 34) 619 814 225
Fax:(00 34) 943 49 08 31



Canoe crossing: lovers of active tourism have the option of navigating the waters of the bay in a canoe enjoying the views offered by the sea. No previous experience is required so it is an ideal activity to enjoy with family, friends, or as a couple since they also have double canoes.




Pasai Donibaneko kirolgunea
Donibane, 1
20110 Pasai Donibane
(00 34) 943 345 371



Paddle surfing: in the same way as the canoe, the inland waters of the port of Pasaia offer the ideal means to enjoy this modality.




 Pasai Donibaneko kirolgunea
Donibane, 1
20110 Pasai Donibane
(00 34) 943 345 371



Sailing in a traditional wooden sailboat: The Lucretia. Now in Pasaia the dream of sailing on an old sailing ship can come true: the Lucretia. In it you can enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Cantabrian coast, the interior of the bay and the one formed by the cliffs of Ulía and Jaizkibel.



Ostarte Sailing

Tel: (00 34) 687 255 661

Rent your own boat with or without skipper: for those who want to perform the activity that best suits them: fishing trips, dinners, snorkel, cetacean watching, etc. They can rent their own recreational craft. There are several possibilities with or without skipper, guided routes, à la carte services...



Suministros Marinos Itsaso
Nabalaldea D4
20110 Pasai DonibaneTel.: (00 34) 943 574 972

Brai Kantauri

Tel: (00 34) 658  723 194


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Diving trips: departures from the port of Pasaia for all levels and baptism certificate. In this section of the coast you can make a multitude of different dives due to its peculiar orography from wrecks to archaeological remains such as anchors and cannons




Buceo Donosti
Muelle Donibane, Local D1
20110 Pasai DonibaneTel./Fax: (00 34) 943 312 313



Maritime excursions: Here you have the best boat trips along the Basque coast in all its modalities: fishing, walks, guided visits, ... Enjoy exciting tours admiring the cliffs of Jaizkibel and Ulia or sports days at sea, with the help from great professionals.





You can complete your activity by visiting the construction of the Nao San Juan in Albaola Faktoria, making a guided tour based on novels through the corners of the historic centers or renting a bicycle in any of the four districts.


                                                                                                     Maritime activities in Pasaia                                                   


More information: Tourism Office of Pasaia

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