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Miranda House Renaissance style

Miranda House, from the 16th Century and Renaissance in style, is a building with a rectangular ground plan and three-sided roof. It has a ground floor and three stories.

The main ashlar facade has two entranceways and a window on the ground floor, all with lintels. The big central doorway is flanked by two columns half built into the wall, with a shield on either one, one corresponding to the San Millán de Zizurkil lineage, and the other, although in very poor condition, perhaps corresponding to the Villaviciosa family. The three floors have three openings per floor, all linteled. On the first and second floors, a continuous stone moulding serves as a single ledge, while on the third there is a ledge for each opening. The construction is finished off with a stone moulding and, over this, carved wooden corbel eaves.

The only original part of the right-hand facade is the first floor, made in sandstone ashlar with no openings, and jutting out over the ground floor. On the left-hand facade, the only surviving part of the original fabrication is the first storey, in ashlar masonry with three openings, two entrance doors and a window with a projecting balcony. This facade is topped by carved wooden corbel eaves.

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