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Soinuenea, Traditional Music Center

Soinuenea, Traditional Music Center Soinuenea, Traditional Music Center

Juan Mari Beltrán has been working with folk music for many years; he has learnt about it, interpreted it and taught it. As a consequence of his work there is an extensive documentary collection, which is available to the public in Soinuenea – Herri Musikaren Txokoa. This collection contains musical instruments as well as written and visual information, which in some, but not all cases, has been published. All this information is linked to folk music and instruments.
The exhibition has been organized around some 400 musical instruments, while there are another 600 classified instruments in the warehouse, which is open to visit for researchers.
The exhibition consists of instruments and toys from all over the world, grouped according to a classification system based on the source of the sound, or its production system. This is all rounded off with photographs of the instruments in groups and individually.
The consultation and research area of the documentation centre can only be visited by appointment.
The Traditional Music Exhibition and Documentation Centre houses:

  • A collection of musical instruments: split into an exhibition area and a storage area (which can also be visited).
  • Library: written material on traditional music and musical instruments.
  • Video library: a collection of different kinds and formats of musical recordings.
  • Photograph archive: photographs, films, videos...
  • Workshop: workshop for the construction and repair of musical instruments
  • Multipurpose room: for conferences, courses and auditions.


  • Aerophones: flutes, tongues, trumpets, free aerophones.
  • Membranophones: beaten with drumsticks or hands, rubbed or activated with air (such as the mirliton)
  • Idiophones: directly and indirectly struck, scraped, rubbed and plucked/flexible.
  • Cordophones: vibrating plucked and rubbed strings.
  • Basque traditional ensembles: Txistulari band, Dultzaina group, Trikitixa pairing, student serenading group, Town band, etc.
  • Musical toys 


  • Oiartzun, Soinuenea-Traditional Music Center
  • Oiartzun, Soinuenea-Traditional Music Center
  • Oiartzun, Soinuenea-Traditional Music Center
  • Oiartzun, Soinuenea-Traditional Music Center



Tornola, 6 (Ergoien)
20180 Oiartzun


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Soinuenea, Herri Musikaren Txokoa
Tornola kalea, 6 (Ergoien auzoa)
20180 Oiartzun

Tel./Fax.: (00 34) 943 493 578


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Tuesday to Wednesday:

 10:00 - 14:00

Thursday to Saturday:

10:00 -14:00  / 15:00 - 18:00



Ordinary visit: € 4. It has been enabled on the website an audio guide so that visitors can access it from their smartphone via WiFi Soinuenea. Discount: free admission for children under 6 accompanied by adults. Basque Card (%30).

Guided visit by appointment:

Small group (4-10 pers. max): A minimum of 35 € (VAT included) will be charged for each guided group.

Ordinary: €8 (VAT included) per person.

Reduced: €5 (VAT included) per person; students, members of large families, pilgrims, unemployed, pensioners. Free admission for children under 6 years accompanied by adults.

Guided tour for large groups (10-20 pax): €80 (VAT included).

Languages: Spanish, basque, french and english. 



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Soinuenea organises concerts and workshops too:

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