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Santiago Square in Pasai Donibane

Leaning or sitting on the bench bordering the sea front, we can observe the entire square, noting its typical fishing flavour and rectangular layout open on one side to the sea.

This square looks out over the sea, with a long row of tall, narrow houses and the old Town Hall in the centre. The two sides of the square are limited by the facades of the houses in the street ending here. One of these, in fine ashlar work, also serves as a pelota court, while the other one, looking towards the square, has several little windows.

The real facade of this square consists of the kind of architecture popularly found in fishing villages. These houses, with their three, four or five floors, have long balconies occupying the whole facade, normally with wooden railings, painted, like the rest of the woodwork, in different colours. One of the most remarkable features is the difference in the kinds of house. A very steep stairway makes its way up the different floors to the hillside behind the houses. The rear facades of the lower floors are almost incrusted in the hillside. Another particular characteristic is the gable roofs with their ridges running perpendicular to the facade, when construction habits tend to be quite the opposite. This square is the only opening to be found after having followed the old street.

This is a truly picturesque and colourful square built in popular style. The rays of the sun shining from high above reverberate against the walls and ground without creating shadows, filling every corner with light. At night, the local seafaring spirit rests in this square. During the festivities in celebration of Saint John's and Saint James' Days, the hustle and bustle, noise, music and young dancers fill the square with tremendous merriment bouncing off the windows and balconies before fading into the sea.

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