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Guided tours based on novels

 Guided tours based on novels



On this guided tour of Pasaia we will visit the most beautiful corners of this Basque town and discover how it has served as inspiration for different national and international novels.

The tour starts next to the monument to Blas de Lezo in Pasai San Pedro and during the visit we will go over the traditions of this town in Gipuzkoa to discover how Pasaia has appeared in numerous novels. Dolores Redondo's "Los privilegios del ángel" and Ibón Martín's "El Faro del Silencio" are some of the works they talk about. Even the famous French writer Victor Hugo also travelled to this town in search of inspiration.

On the tour of Pasaia you can see colourful houses and beautiful façades of its most emblematic places, such as the church of San Pedro or the traditional shipyard of Ondartxo, and walking along the bay of Pasaia you will reach the Puntas of San Pedro, a viewpoint that offers incredible views of the Bay of Biscay. Nearby is the La Plata lighthouse, one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Basque Coast. Would you like to discover why it was given this name? Now is the time to learn about its history!
After an hour and a half, the tour ends at the starting point.


Euskadi Turismo de Novela
Tel.: (00 34)615 740 058

Useful information:

Timetable: Sunday and monday at 10:00h. Other days of the week or in summer: on request.
Place: departure from the monument to Blas de Lezo (Pasai San Pedro).
Duration: 25 € adults and 10 euros (children between 5 and 17 years old). This price includes the motorboat ticket to cross to Pasai Donibane.
Minimum group size: 2 people and maximum 8. If this number is not reached, please contact us so that we can offer you different alternatives.
Language: Spanish. Basque, French and English on request.
Notes: prior booking is required. Options for exclusive premium visits (conditions on request).


Visiting Fish Market on a guided tour in Pasaia

Visiting Fish Market on a guided tour in Pasaia

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The Basques have always had a close relationship with the sea and fishing. Despite the decrease in the inshore fleet in the Basque Country, there are still professional inshore boats in the ports of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

In the Pasaia fish market, fish is sold by auction. Although there have been technological advances, the operation of the auction is basically the same as in the last century. During the visit, you will know the path of the fish from when the arrantzales unload it in the port until it reaches the fishmonger.

We will see the fish auction and in addition, the guide will explain the different fishing gear used in the area and how the Fishermen's Guilds work. Finally, we will enjoy breakfast next to the fish market.



Pasaia fish market
Ámbito portuario, 7
20110 Pasaia


Kofradia-Itsas Etxea
Tel.: (00 34) 943 050 764

Practical information:

Hour of the visit:  5h50 am
Duration: 1h30
Price: €13 (guided visit + breakfast)
Languages ​​of the visite: basque, spanish.
From 16 years old.
The guided tour takes place one Thursday a month. Check other options. Information and reservations:


Photo tour in Pasaia

 pasaia-8-copia   pasaia-10-copia


Photo tour in Pasaia

Photo-tour designed for people who wants to enjoy a different activity and which will allow discovering marvellous corners of the coast of Gipuzkoa from the lens of your camera. You will also take advantage of your SLR or automatic camera, or to the camera of your mobile phone. It is not necessary to be an expert and we will obtain a beautiful postcard images made by ourselves.

In this tour we will visit Pasaia, place where the narrow alleys give directly to the sea. We will cross the only street of Pasai Donibane and later we will travel by motorboat to Pasai San Pedro. In this shore we will be able to observe how a whale-boat is made with construction techniques that were believed lost in Albaola, the Sea Factory of the basques.

Finally we can return to Pasai Donibane to enjoy its magnificent restaurants.




Tel.: (00 34)685 753 564

Web: TripAdvisor-Photodonostia

Useful information:

Schedule: from 9:00 to 12:00, every Wednesday
Place: Parking of Pasai Donibane Town hall.
Price per person: 80€.Children (12-18): 35€
Maximum group: 10 people
It will not be necessary to form a minimum group



Approved tours in the nature

Approved tours in the nature  Approved tours in the nature Approved tours in the nature  Approved tours in the nature

These are the different guided tours offered to know some natural areas of the region: