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Lur Garden

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LUR Garden is the garden of almost 20,000 m² that the landscape design studio LUR Paisajistak has created next to its new facilities in Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa).

On an alluvial terrace formed by the watercourse that runs around the entire perimeter of the garden, sixteen different themed spaces have been created to investigate the aesthetic contributions of the extensive Plant Kingdom.

The geometry of an egg, both in plan and in elevation, as in the pruning of the yew trees, is what has directed the entire layout of the garden. The sinuosity of these ovoid shapes is enhanced by the use of more than 1,800 beech trees in the hedges that contain the various themed gardens.

This is the sixth year since the creation of the garden began and it is now, when LUR Garden opens its doors to visitors, that the plantations have reached maturity, allowing visitors to enjoy the different aesthetic plant trials that have been carried out.


Lur Garden
Sarobe erreka bidea 36B
20180 Oiartzun

Tel./Fax: (00 34) 943 492 938/ Whatsapp: (00 34) 695 797 719


Interesting information

Timetable:  Consult timetable web.
Periode: From april to october.
Types of visits:

  • Free visit: 15 €. 8-16 years old: 8 €. Less than 8 free.
  • Guided tour (entrance+visit): 35 €. 8-18 years old: 8 €. Free less than 8 years old.

Remark: option of seasonal bonus, exclusive visits and space rental.

Bike routes

Oarsomtb Image2
Routes proposed by MTB Oarso that will take you through tracks and paths in the mountains of this region and characteristic places of the natural park of Aiako Harria, Jaizkibel, Bianditz..., as well as some of the emblematic peaks of its surroundings.

Oarsoaldea Routes.

Mountain trails in Lezo

IMG 20151108 134707  IMG 20151108 134914


11km mountain trail that runs along the south side of Jaizkibel. Suitable for walking tour, but it is recommended to people accustomed to long-distance. Despite having some steep at the start, the route becomes more friendly from km 2. Wonderful panoramic views and items of cultural and historical interest are also appreciated.

See route


Intermediate mountain route, suitable for walking tour and recommended for all types of people. Runs along the south side of Jaizkibel and crosses districts of beautiful country houses. Are the remains of ancient steps to animals and other elements of interest as Plataiturri source.

See route


Asphalted road, suitable for travel on foot or by bike. The course is introduced in Altamira and crosses typical Atlantic countryside meadows, where concentrate the most important country houses as Darietazarra or Miura. Nice recommended walk for all kind of people.

See route

Ulia route

Pasaia-9448     Pasaia-9976

This route offers about 8 km of spectacular landscapes, and it is part of Talaia route, between Bidart and San Sebastián. Here you can see huge vertical walls dominating the landscape of Pasaia, from the lighthouse of La Plata to the bucolic and wooded viewpoint over the sea.

A mysterious, beautiful, wild and uninhabited place: curious rocks and spectacular cliffs, changing reliefs, the scent of its ferns, meadows and harmonious tranquility.

But it is in addition a route that combines nature and culture, and the brochures proposes the visit of several museums that are located along the route: the Aquarium, the Naval Museum and San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian, and Albaola, the Basque Maritime Factory and Victor Hugo House in Pasaia.

Download here the route 

Path of the smugglers of Bidasoa

 Nature Path of the smugglers of Bidasoa

The smuggler's route of Bidasoa (KB according to Basque initials) is a circular route. It is a tourist product designed and managed by Kontrabandistak S.I. and it brings different sport, natural and cultural components together.

  • Sport: One way circular route, with the same start and finish point, which its distances and slopes require a good physical training:

- ON FOOT: 176 km (7 stages) and 9.535mt of accumulated incline.
- BY BIKE: 224-211 km (4 ó 7 stages) and 6.400 / 5.360mt of incline.

  • Natural: The route passes by protected and very interesting natural areas such as the wetland of Txingudi, Natural Park of Aiako Harria, the mountains of Artikutza, Leurtza's natural area, SCI of Belate, the mire of Larrun or the tops of Bianditz, Mendaur, Saioa, Auza, Alkurruntz and Larrun.
  • Cultural: Throughout the route it is possible find remains of human presence from the Prehistoric times (megalithic), Romanization (mining), Middle-Ages (hamlets and palaces), to nowadays. It is also possible to feel the current cultural vitality in the local activities we could find along the way.
  • Operating period: From 15th March to 15th December. According to climatic conditions the organization could change this period.

What guidelines have been used to design the route?
In addition to explained in advance, the design of the route joins three essential guidelines:

  • The smuggler: The route passes by mountain ways that they were very important in this activity, especially in the middle of XX Century, not only because of the borderline between France and Spain, but also because there were control points in the interior, in direction to the cities.
  • Markers: Almost all the route to do on foot and the half of the route to do by bike are marked. This provides safety to excursionists. On the places without marks there are specific sign posts.
  • A network of accommodations: The route is organized in stages (7 on foot and 4 or 7 by bike). At the final points of each stage there are located the accommodations, that could be tourist hostels, farmhouses or tourist apartments.

 More information




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