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Basque Card

Do you know the tourist card that will allow you to move around Oarsoaldea and Euskadi?

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Tourist Basque Card

With the new BASQUE CARD , everyone who visited us will have greater ease of moving around the region of Oarsoaldea, and at the same time, the use of public transport will be promoted and improved. With the use of these cards, at the same time, the tourists will have discounts and advantages in some establishments and museums among others.



  • Multi-person card (except for Euskotren and Renfe services) - Reloadable
  • Validity 10 days
  • Pick up from office (Madalen Kalea, 3. Errenteria Tourist Office)
  • Transport by Gipuzkoa (Dbus, Lurraldebus, Euskotren)
  • Transport to Bilbo and Gasteiz (Lurraldebus)
  • Discounts and advantages in collaborating establishments (discounts applicable to the bearer and companion)
  • 0,50 € card return in perfect condition in the sales offices

Where to get it

Tourist Office in Errenteria:

Madalen kalea 3.20100Errenteria
0034 943 494 521




Tourist Office of Errenteria

Madalen kalea 3. 20100 Errenteria
0034 943 494 521



Euskadi basque country Eusko Jauralitza - Gobierno Vasco


Gipuzkoa Turismoa

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