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Exhibition of baserritarra costumes at Jantziaren Zentroa and guided tours

From 6th November to 2nd January, at Jantziaren Zentroa, Errenteria.


This year yes, the day of Santo Tomas will once again become a day of celebration in our villages. Anyone who wants to wear the baserritarra costume following tradition, in the same way that our ancestors did that day, has the opportunity to see the exhibition located at the entrance of Jantziaren Zentroa.

The exhibition consists of 13 costumes, ten for women and three for men. All of them replicas of photographs or original garments of the early twentieth century.

They are baserritarra costumes from three provinces of Euskal Herria. From Gipuzkoa costumes of Legazpia, Beasain and Azkoitia, as well as a costume from the village of Atharratze, all copies of original garments. The exhibition consists of numerous costumes from Bizkaia, all replicas of old photographs.

About the photographs, there are 14 images, all of them in black and white, reflecting the life of a past era. We can see men and women at the entrance of the hamlet, working, on the way to the village, just out of the church... snapshots from a century ago are once again protagonists in Kapitain-etxea.

And in the building itself we will go back on our particular trip a century ago to Errenteria, we will meet at the point where the current Biteri and Xenpelar streets meet. Buildings that are still preserved today, and the tracks of a disappeared tram accompany our baserritarras.

The exhibition will open its doors next Saturday, 6th November and can be visited until 2nd January of next year.

Admission to the exhibition is free and will be open on Saturdays from 11:00-14:00/17:00-20.00 Sundays and holidays from 12:00-14:00.

As for public holidays on 25 December, 1 and 6 January, Jantziaren Zentroa will be closed.

Guided tour

On December 11 and 18, Ramón García, head of Iraultza Dantza Taldea de Errenteria, will give a talk about the baserritarra costume in the same exhibition. The visit will be made in Spanish. Two shifts have been organized each day, one at 7:00 p.m. and one at 8:30 p.m.

Those interested in participating in the visit must register in advance by writing to the email  or by calling the tourist office of Errenteria at 943 49 45 21. The visit costs 5 euros per person and will last an hour and a half.



Tourist Office of Errenteria

Madalen kalea 3. 20100 Errenteria
0034 943 494 521



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