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Chocolate Secrets

Chocolate truffes and lollipops in Errenteria

During a great part of the XVIII century, the Royal Gipuzkoan Company of Caracas, with its head office in Pasaia, controlled the monopoly of the imported cocoa. Therefore, the chocolate consumed in Europe came from Basque ports. Chocolate came to remain and it turned this land into the cradle of big chocolate masters.

Chocolate Secrets  Chocolate Secrets

Over time the chocolate industry has evolved in such a way that we can currently enjoy multiple varieties of this product. If we want to understand better the key position it holds in our alimentation as well as its features, there is nothing better than visiting Casa Aramendia in Errenteria. From 1898, tradition and craft have been the main bases of this pastry shop. Handcrafted products resulted from family habits, and traditions handed down from generation to generation over a century have turned Casa Aramendia into a referent in Gipuzkoa.

Nowadays, Casa Aramendia gives us the opportunity to get to know this exceptional product in depth, and why not, to enjoy its forms, sounds, textures, aromas and flavours. With the workshop of Casa Aramendia we will learn about the origins and the historical role of chocolate in this region. Thanks to a small tasting we will learn to distinguish different varieties of chocolate and we will also be taught its manufacturing process, that is, the process chocolate undergoes from the moment the cocoa is harvested to the moment we eat it. Later on we will get to work; adults and children will elaborate delicious truffles and lollipops of chocolate which will be tasted as soon as they are ready. Undoubtedly, this experience is unforgettable for all of our senses. The experience will end with a visit to the facilities of this small temple of chocolate. All this dressed with the attire of a real chocolate master and having the chance to immortalize the experience with a photo which will be available to download from the website of Casa Aramendia.



Casa Aramendia
Biteri, 10
20100 Errenteria


Useful information

Duration: 2 h30.
Price: 29 € adults and 12 € children between 3-15. %10 discount for large families and %15 for groups.
Minimum group: 10 people.
Languages: Basque and Spanish. French and Catalan, it depends on availability.
When to go: All year except for the 15-25 April and from the 10th December to the 6th January.
Remarks: Suitable for all ages.



Tourist Office of Errenteria

Madalen kalea 3. 20100 Errenteria
0034 943 494 521



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