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Kultour Incoming Service

Kultour Incoming Service servicios turísticos           Kultour Incoming Service servicios turísticos


If you like to learn, if you enjoy observing and discovering, if you are peculiar... If when you travel you are interesting to get understand the space in which you move and the history of the place... If you like be treating like a a special guest...
... KULTOUR is your appropriate friend.

Visits to measure. Design of visits based on your interests, on the size of the group, if you travel with children, or if you have some limitation of mobility.

Guided tours according to the program in Oarsoaldea:


From Orereta to a maritime city:

Guided tour. 60 min.
This tour shows the close relationship between Errenteria and the sea, as well as publishes and emphasizes the role that the Basques have had in the naval history worldwide. The tour is realized in the old town of Errenteria and explains this history based on the built heritage.

Trip to the little Manchester:

Guided tour. 120 min.

Its objective is to show the importance that industrialization had in Errenteria. It goes all over the factories set up here between 1845 and 1936 which history is explained, as well as the most important changes that the city underwent in that period.

Searching for the 5 doors of Errenteria:


Treasure hunt. 120 min.

This activity is aimed to families with children between 8-12 years, approximately, as well as to school groups of that age. The aim of the game is to learn the relation that Errenteria, and the Basques in general, had with the sea through their history, taking as a common thread a tour that allows identifying the 5 doors through which the ancient Errenteria was accessed.

City councillor for a day:

Tour-workshop. 60 min,

This activity is addressed to school groups of 5 to 10 years. Its objective is to make learn what a local government is for and how it works, as well as they understand the importance that the local organization has.


Lezo:a town emerged from the marshes:

Guided tour. 90 min.

This tour explains the close relation of Lezo and the Basques with the sea, through a tour by the built heritage of its historic centre. This town located inside the Bay of Pasaia smells like saltpetre. Over the marsh were built the Saint John Baptist Church and the Saint Christ of Lezo Basilica, after complex draining works. Walking through its quiet streets we can think of old brawls and sword duels and we will remember a famous legend denominated “Cruz de los Corsarios”. Lezo has been place of origin of great captains and sailors, as well as of skilful traders, fishermen, ship-owners and feared corsairs.


Oiartzun: town of ironworkers, gentlemen and merchants:

Guided tour. 60 min.

Surely you cannot imagine that Oiartzun has played an important role in the history and in the configuration of the Oarsoaldea region in Gipuzkoa. The fact that its population is dispersed and that Oiartzun does not have a historic centre full of monuments, may lead one to think that it has nothing to show. However, its strategic location between the inland and the coast, and its fundamental elements, have allowed it to take up a relevant place in the development of the territory in which it is located. Ironworker, gentlemen and merchants have made Oiartzun what it is today.


Pasai Donibane and Victor Hugo:

Guided tour. 90 min.

The main objective of this tour is to publicize the importance that the Bay of Pasaia and Pasaia Donibane (San Juan) have in the maritime history of Gipuzkoa and worldwide. Victor Hugo fell in love with the undeniable charm and the exciting past of Pasai Donibane (San Juan). Its buildings are sign of past periods of magnificence and they bring us to memory its cosmopolitan maritime past. Pasaia was a door of Europe to the world and an unavoidable stop on the sea routes of Europe, America and the Pacific, as well as a key setting in whale and cod hunting, without forgetting its role as ship supplier for the Royal Navy and the maritime trade.

Unknown Trintxerpe, example of modern architecture:

Visita guiada 60 min.

Trintxerpe is the most modern district of Pasaia. It was born in relation to the industrial fishing and offers a small catalogue of modern architecture. Being next to a port area, it possesses elements of diverse architectural styles. The objective of this tour is to make the architectural heritage of Trintxerpe public.

Antxo, the creation of an industrial settlement:

Guided tour. 90 min.

Antxo is a district of Pasaia, born since the industrialization phenomenon. The renovation of the Port of Pasaia brought new production manners to an environment that until then had lived off the sea, and the industrialization modified the landscape, as well as the society and lifestyle. In this tour it is shown the creation of Antxo and it is highlighted the importance that the industrialization has had in Pasaia. It is a route that shows what the industrialization has meant for Pasaia and its inhabitants.

Bay of Pasaia on boat:

Guided tour. 60 min.


Kultour Incoming Service
Koldo Mitxelena plaza, 7 – Errenteria.
(00 34) 688 818 017

Facebook / Twitter @kultourincoming

Interesting information:

  • SAISON: during all the year.
  • LANGUAGES: Basque, Spanish, French
  • DURATION: In case of group tours, the duration can be adjusted depending on the neccesities of each group


The tours with reservation are offered to groups of maximum 25 people. There is not minimum number, since the rates are per tour, and not per person.The day, timetable and different options in the duration of the tour or the complementary services, are agreed between the parties.

  • 60 min. 70 €
  • 90 min. 105 €
  • 120 min. 140 €



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