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Natural Park of Aiako Harria (Listorreta-Barrengoloia)

  Guided tours in Natural Park of Aiako Harria (Listorreta-Barrengoloia) Guided tours in Natural Park of Aiako Harria (Listorreta-Barrengoloia)

These visits are offered in high season.

A guide service offers the following guided tours through the Natural Park of Aiako Harria:

Forest reserve of Añarbe:

Know one of the most representative and most threatened natural habitats nowadays in the Basque Country: the oak's forest.

The tour starts in Idoia (Susperregi) and it continues throw the hill of Malbazar, where it goes in the largest oak's forest of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia. There, you could see and know the wild flora and fauna associated with this ecosystem. In the same way, the tour enters in the forest reserve of Añarbe, where you could watch different actions to keep the biodiversity.


Tracks in the cave of Aizpitarte:

Travel back in time to discover how our ancestors lived, in addition to also discover the cave fauna.

An itinerary to visit the first Upper Palaeolithic (30.000 years) human site discovered in the Basque Country, where fossils of bears or rhinos and tools such as spears and stone axes have also been found.

 Due to the important discoveries made in Aizpitarte, the entrance to the caves is currently closed.

Park of Lau Haizeta and Fort of San Marko:

This protected area with 600ha is located in a middle mountain zone, between Donostia, Astigarraga and Errenteria. The Forts of San Marko and Txoritokieta from the XIX century, the megalithic site of Txoritokieta, the presence of ancient forest of marojo oaks and ponds of forest amphibians characterize this cultural and natural landscape.

Wetland of Malbazar, by amphibians way:

Discover the aquatic life that this small wetland of Aiako Harria's Natural Park houses.

A visit to discover the wetland of Malbazar and uniqueness of the threatened fauna that lives there: Bright red frog, common frog, webfoot triton, midwife toad, dragonflies,...



The access to Listorreta is crossing Perurena area, where you could arrive from Errenteria, Oiartzun or Astigarraga (Gi-2132).


Tourist Office of Errenteria
Madalen, 3
20100 Errenteria
Tel.: (00 34) 943 494 521

Interesting information:

Duration: 1 h 30 to 3 hours (depending on the visit).
Price: 2 € (from 16 years), 1 € (7-16 years), younger than 6 years for free.
Timetable: High season, Sunday and Holiday
Departing time: Depends on the visit.
Minimum group: 2 people.
Maximum group: 15 people.


It's recommended to book at least two days in advance.


Tourist Office of Errenteria

Madalen kalea 3. 20100 Errenteria
0034 943 494 521



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