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Family plans


Family plans

We want to suggest you a few different plans for all tastes to do with children, very close to San Sebastian, in the municipalities of Errenteria, Lezo, Oiartzun and Pasaia, and enjoy your free time with the little ones of the house!

  • 1.  Climb to the Fort of San Marko: Nature and history

San marko testu gabe


Climbing the San Marko Mountain in Errenteria is a very recommendable and complete excursion. On one hand, in this fort that dates from the end of the 19th century, we will enjoy climbing to the top to enjoy privileged views of the entire coast and surrounding mountains, and also until October, this inclusive, from Wednesday to Sunday, we can access the museum of the fort and see the replicas of soldiers and cannons of that time. On the other hand, don't forget your picnic, as outside the fort there is a field where there is an area with children's games (wood-castle included!) and a space with tables, ideal to spend the day with the family.

San Marko ENG planner

More info about San Marko Fort

Timetable and price

 2.-From tower to tower – Jaizkibel


Take out the explorer you have inside and start a tour from Lezo in search of the 19th century Carlist towers of Jaizkibel. Today, you can still see 5 of the 6 initial towers all during the path. To get there by car we can take the GI-3440 road until we reach the top, leave the car parked, and take the route on foot from tower to tower. The route from here has no difficulty, and we can follow the signs for the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela which follows these towers.

mapa eng-001

Jaizkibel eng

3.- To infinity and beyond of mines of Arditurri!


The mines of Arditurri have been exploited since Roman times, more than 2000 years ago. We propose you a passionate exploration of the mines, going deep into the heart of Aiako Harria. There, we will have the opportunity to visit from the mines of the Roman era to the remains of different times.

More info about Arditurri Mines

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Come by train this summer!

Tren Berdea 2018 UZT25 ELEBIDUN

4.- To Arditurri by cycling

Bide Berdea

The best way to reach the Arditurri mines is to cycle along the Arditurri greenway. The path crosses the whole valley of Oiartzun and takes us to the foothills of Peñas de Aia, specifically to the mines of Arditurri. This 7km long greenway both pedestrian and cyclist follows the route of the old mine train. There is no excuse! The greenway is also connected to the Donostia cycle path.

Arditurri ingl

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More info about Green Way

Bike Rental in Donostia - San Sebastian

5.- Heard, touch, sing and dance in Soinuenea


Walking along the greenway of Arditurri, we propose you to make a stop in the Ergoien neighbourhood to visit the Centre of Popular Music - Soinuenea. We can find an exhibition of more than 400 musical instruments. Among them, we will not only find instruments from the Basque Country, but we will also be able to observe instruments from all the continents of the world. Are you more than 5 people group? Book a guided tour to make the experience complete. But if you are not, do not worry! They have audio-guides to make yours a full experience!

Every month they also organize family-oriented workshops, find yours here!

More about Soinuenea

6.- In the great sailor's style!

Marinel Eguna

The Mater Museum offers us the best opportunity to immerse ourselves in the marine world in a suitable way for families. This traditional tuna boat will gives us this opportunity to know this world by inside. Besides, what if we become a sailor for a day? The plan is to spend a day as an authentic sailor, enjoying different ways of seafaring and fishing culture.

The visits they offer are suitable for families but they also include a special visit for children with different games (the visit is offered in Basque) and a workshop of sailor knots.

2018 Summer program (Basque-Spanish)


More info about Mater Museum Ship

7.- Learn about the surrounding landscape with Luberri


Do you know how the land was formed? Why does our land have so many mountains, so many valleys, so many lakes and rivers? We propose you to visit Luberri, the geology museum of Oiartzun, where an interactive screen will allow you to make a virtual flight through the region, flying over Aiako Harria, the valley of Oiartzun and Jaizkibel. The little ones will enjoy being guided by the mascot of the Luberri Museum, who will show us the different contents from the top corner of the screen to give you an idea of how the current landscape relief was formed through the different eras and geological events. You can also join their workshops that they organize throughout the year.

More info about Luberri


8.- Once upon a time a mill in Errenteria

IMG 1352IMG 1770

The course of the river Oiartzun takes us to this historic building located in the Fanderia district of Errenteria, from where the mill takes its name. The history of the mill, which dates back to the 15th century, can be seen in the museum and we can also see its mechanism and the grinding stone in operation.

Guided Tours in the Mill

errota eng

 Fanderia Mill

 9- To Albaola by boat

Why not complete the experience of the marine world by taking a boat to go to the Sea Factory of Albaola? We propose you an activity that will start in Trintxerpe, where we will take the boat that will take us through the port and the bay of Pasaia. We will disembark at the Albaola dock, and here inside the Factory, the youngest members of the house will be able to get to know, hand in hand with the cabin boy Txo Mik Mak Txikia, the value of the maritime heritage and the maritime history.

Txo eskuin low qAlbaola lanean


More info about Albaola


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