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Family activities

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In order to help you making plans to enjoy of the leisure time with your kids, the Tourism Department of Oarsoaldea proposes you 6 different activities to do in Errenteria, Lezo, Oiartzun and Pasaia.

1.- Between the towers of Jaizkibel


Following our explorer instinct, we will take from Lezo the search of Carlist towers from Jaizkibel of the 19th century. Nowadays, still 5 towers can be spied in Jaizkibel's top. Once reached Jaizkibel's top after having risen from Lezo, will make us easy to go tower by tower.

2.- Getting into Arditurri Mines!



Arditurri mines have been exploited since Roman times 2000 years ago. We propose you to see the mines, entering on the heart of Aiako Harriak. There, we have the opportunity to visit the mines from Roman times to the remains of different periods.

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3.- To Arditurri by bike

Bide Berdea

The best way to get the Mines of Arditurri is riding a bike along the Arditurri Greenway. It crosses all Oiartzun Valley and it takes us up at the foot of Aiako Harriak, to the Mines of Arditurri. This greenway, just for pedestrians and cyclists, has 7 km long, and it follows the route that made the old mine train. Moreover, It's joined with cycle way of Donostia.

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4.- Soinuenea


Going along the Green Way of Arditurri, we propose you to make a stop in neighborhood of Ergoien to visit Soinuenea –Traditional Music Center. We can see an exhibition of more than 400 musical instruments. Among them, we can not find instruments of Euskal Herria, but also instruments from all continents of the world.

More about Soinuenea

5.- As real sailors!

Marinel Eguna

Mater Museum offers us the best opportunity to get into sailor world. We'll get to know a traditional tuna ship. Moreover, what do you think if we become sailors for a day? The plan is to spend a day as real sailors, enjoying different ways of fishing and learning all about sea-culture.

More about Mater Museum

6.- Chocolate secrets

Txokolate tailerra

Finally, we suggest you a very sweet activity: a chocolate workshop. In fact, the chocolate is undoubtedly a sweet that everyone likes. Casa Aramendia in Errenteria offers suitable workshops for all ages to learn more about the world of chocolate.

More about "Chocolate Secrets" workshop


Ask us for all the information that you need and we will help you with pleasure:

Tourist Office: 943 494 521 /


Tourist Office of Errenteria

Madalen kalea 3. 20100 Errenteria
0034 943 494 521



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