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Pasaia, hand in hand with Victor Hugo


Pasaia eden distiratsua

From Oarsoaldea's Tourist Department we propose you a walk through the Bay of Pasaia, but in a special way: following the steps of the famous writer Victor Hugo.

From Donostia to Pasaia





Victor Hugo arrived from Donostia to Pasaia on foot by Moun Ulia. This way of almost 8 km belongs to the coastal trail Talaia, which goes from Bidart to Donostia. The way offers us spectacular landscapes, the cliffs that predominate over the entry of Pasaia's bay, or the bucolic viewing-points surrounded by trees over the light house of La Plata, between others.

More information about the route of Mount Ulia

See leaflet


Albaola, The Sea Factory of the Basques



Thanks to the See Factory Albaola Victor Hugo could see how one of the main ancient activities of Pasaia's port wich is the bank carpentry is still alive. Nowadays, there we can see the construction process of the reply of the XVIth century whale ship San Juan.

More information about Albaola

Across the bay by boat


badian itsasontziz

In the same place where in the XIXth century the noisy boatwomen were waited for, nowadays Itxas Zerbi company's boat crosses the bay, joining both historical places that Victor Hugo knew, Pasai Donibane and Pasai San Pedro.

In addition, Itxas Zerbi Company offers a lot of tours by boat in the Bay of Pasaia.

More information about the tours that can be done by boat

Victor Hugo's house


VH etxea

When Victor Hugo came to Pasaia in 1843 he could not imagine that the house where he lodged would be known as Victor Hugo's house. Nowadays, this house has become the tourist office and a museum in homage to the writer; the first museum that was opened in the Basque country and that is still opened, it has also become a peregrination center due to thousands of tourists who arrive there following his steps.

More about Victor Hugo's House

 Mater museum


Mater Museoa

From the balcony of the bedroom of the house where it lodged, nowadays Victor Hugo would see the traditional tuna boat Mater: The floating museum shows us the extraordinary past of the traditional tuna boat and fishing techniques used nowadays. In summer, the tuna Mater offers us different activities: trips in the sea, workshops and guided visits, between others.

More about Mater Museum

See program (basque - spanish)

Gastronomy of Pasaia


Gastronomia Pasaia

Victor Hugo was a very well-known gourmet, and in his visit he enjoyed Pasaia's gastronomy. Fortunately, nowadays he could also have this gastronomy very close, because these traditions also persist: in Pasaia you can eat and drink very well.

Where to eat in Pasaia


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