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Ferrer House of 19th century

Standing in front of San Pedro Quay, Ferrer House is one of a series of elements related to this local family found in different parts of the village.

Backing onto Pasai San Pedro Parish Church, this house once had a chapel with an inscription on its frontispiece indicating the date of its foundation as 1865 by Joaquín María de Ferrer, and explaining that, due to work carried out on the quays in 1952, it had been taken stone by stone from the parish church to the cemetery. A blazon incrusted in the Escuela Náutica and the family pantheons in Pasai Donibane Church (San Juan) are other elements referring to the life of a local saga which is no less important simply because it is less known.

Some relatives in this family are:

  • José Ignacio Ferrer Cafranga ( 1763 ), naval officer, he made major scientific and mathematical works in Europe and America, including works relating to the measurement of the diameter of the moon or collaborating in setting geographic coordinates in North America. His works were published in English and French in various magazines. Another relative, Juan Manuel Ferrer ( 1769 ) was a diplomat in Rome and Knight of the Order of Carlos III.
  • Joaquín María de Ferrer Cafranga (1777-1861) progressive politician, he was member of Parliament of Gipuzkoa. As Mayor of Madrid, he was president of Parliament of Gipuzkoa and of the provisional government in 1840. After, Minister of State and Vice President of the provisional regency the same year, Minister of State and Finance and President of the Council of Ministers in the regency of the Duke of Victoria in 1841.
  • Juan Ferrer Cafranga. Joaquín María, Juan Manuel and José Joaquín ´s brother, he was Chief Minister of the colony of Rio de la Plata.
  • Juan Manuel Ferrer Cafranga: he was born in 1769 in Pasaia. Minister Plenipotentiary at Rome. Knight of Carlos III. He was the benefactor of the parish of Pasaia Donibane, where he is buried with his brother José Joaquín.

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