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San Marko Fort, viewpoint of the area

San Marko Fort, viewpoint of the area  San Marko Fort, viewpoint of the area

Standing in a privileged spot, deep in the countryside at less than 10 km from San Sebastian, the San Marko Fort is most certainly the best vantage point in Errenteria, Lezo, Oiartzun and Pasaia.

It is an ideal place to spend the day with kids and friends either walking, riding a horse or mountain-biking. It is also a great place to be in the open air with good weather and its bicentenaries stones forming the thick walls of almost two meters will shelter you from the rain.

It was designed by the engineer Luis Nieva to face a new possible Carlist uprising, and the fort was opened on August 25th 1888. Its purpose was to defend a strategic area formed by the Port of Pasaia, the links by road and rail to the frontier of France, as well as roads leading to the capital of Gipuzkoa. This fort, along with the other of Txoritokieta and Guadeloupe, was part of the called "Oiartzun entrenched camp". San Marko Fort was oriented to the east in order to cope with possible invasions coming from the border. However, these invasions never occurred.

Nowadays it has no military use; it was occupied by the army until 1970, and today is integrated into the Nature Park of "Lau Haizeta", forming part of a Park and a Cultural Area. Its perfect location makes it an important and privileged vantage point of Gipuzkoa's coast, where you can admire the famous bays of La Concha, Pasaia and Txingudi among other places of interest.

The fort is very well preserved and the rehabilitation of its fosse, the Parade ground, its drawbridge and the upper terrace allow the visitor to discover and enjoy it, as did the soldiers in 1888.

Furthermore, in 2008, it has been made the 1st phase of the Museum Project, which has allowed to reproduce the original activity of the fortress, so the visitor of the 21st century may be transported to the 19th century. Different zones of the fortress have been restored and adapted and, in addition, museum elements have been introduced.

To visit

  • Front Desk / Tourist Information Point: one room of the fort now serves for the reception of visitors, and provides tourist information of Errenteria and the Oarsoaldea Region. It also has a model to interpret the Oarsoaldea Region
  • Lower Floor: The military activity has been recreated in the spaces below by settling a few replicas: machine guns, cannons, soldiers, artillery and more... In addition, visitors can obtain information on what they are seeing through information panels installed and available in several languages.
    • Caponier
    • Half Caponier
    • Battery Fires Curved
    • Battery to Barbeta
  • Exhibition hall: The artillery room of the fort has been adapted to hold temporal exhibitions.
  • Terrace:
    • Panoramic panel: in wich the Oarsoaldea Region is represented and where the visitor can interpret the landscape in front. This allows him to continue his journey through different resources and interesting places.

The San Marko Fort also offers the following services:

  • Company Service: in addition to a VIP lounge, San Marko Fort has a variety of meeting and conference room:
    • Room 1: Called POLICE GUARD´S CORP. The measures of the room are 12,80 x 4,77 m. and it is just at the entry of the fort.
    • Room 2: Called GULLET room, it has two spaces, one with 6,17 x 6,50m and another one with 5,67 x 6,50m. They are both placed at the entry of the Fort and they direct access to the restaurant. It is a suitable place for meetings of limited managerial groups etc. with a private room for the coffee break or lunch.
    • Room 3: BIG ROOM or POLICE GUARD´S CORP. Wide room with near 400 square metres. Suitable place for fairs, big presentations, banquets with spectacles... This room can be subdivided, for events of 100, 200 or up to 500 people
  • Private parking. Limited parking places.
  • San Marko Day: celebrated on the 25th April, has special meaning for the locals and also for the inhabitants of Irun. Special little cakes are made on this day, called "opilak", which godmothers give to their single godsons and a traditional festival called Erromeria is held at the fort.

  • Errenteria-2643.jpg
  • Errenteria, San Marko Fort-viewpoint of the area
  • Errenteria, San Marko Fort-viewpoint of the area
  • Errenteria, San Marko Fort-viewpoint of the area


San Marko Fort
San Marko bidea,z/g
20100 Errenteria


See location


San Marko Fort Information Point
San Marko bidea, z/g
20100 Errenteria (Gipuzkoa)

Tel..: (00 34) 943 449 638


Interesting information

Fort-Museum and San Marko Fort Information Point:

2018 Timetable:

  • February-Easter: From friday to Sunday 10:00-14:00 / 16:00-18:00.
  • Easter-october: From wednesday to Sunday 10:00-14:00 / 16:00-18:00


Self-guided tour: free . (The museum is opened only in high season)

Guided tour (check availability):

3€ / 2 € (seniors over 65, retired persons, children from 5-12 and groups of more than 10 people)

Guided tours for groups, booking in advance: 0034 943 449 638.



More information

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Tourist Office of Errenteria

Madalen kalea 3. 20100 Errenteria
0034 943 494 521



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